Sponsorship and Collaboration

With the recent availability of big visual data, computer vision research is at a tipping point that starts to enable many important applications. Our group pioneers in several major areas of computer vision, including object recongition, scene understanding, 3D reconstruction, RGB-D reconstruction, street-view parsing, building modeling, shape analysis and modeling, wearable cameras, and big visual data processing. We focus on both basic scientific research and technology transfer for real-world applications. We have unique strength in the combination of 2D and 3D, and we are very experienced in dealing with big visual data at terabyte and petabyte scales.

We have been actively working with industry sponsors in cutting-edge research and technology transfer. We are interested in more sponsorship from government agencies, large corporations or startups, from US, China, and any other countries. We are very flexible in the form of sponsorship, and our sponsors will be offered highest priority for student recruiting opportunities as well. If your organization is interested in sponsorship or collaboration, please contact Prof. Thomas Funkhouser (email: funk [at] cs [dot] princeton [dot] edu).

Current and Past Sponsors: